The leather goods professionals who also work with nylon and aluminum

Since the company was founded in 1977, we have been offering consumers all kinds of leather goods at reasonable prices. From the beginning, the special quality in a technically appealing design has the highest priority for us. DERMATA's starting point was the experience gained over generations in the manufacture of leather goods, combined with the industrial possibilities of the 1970s. Last but not least, the idea of ​​offering pigskin in an attractive chrome tanning technique also promoted our continued success.

Over the years, DERMATA has positioned itself more and more in the business sector and today the production of briefcases and folders, pilot cases, beauty cases, backpacks, suitcases and bags of all kinds is one of the most relevant sales categories. Our items are offered using various materials; different types of leather (nappa, cowhide, water buffalo leather), as well as nylon, plastic and aluminum are currently available.

Custom-made products according to customer requirements are one of our particular strengths, because here we can draw on many years of experience in terms of flexibility, planning, development, production and delivery in the entire process. Take a look at the following pages, because our product selection speaks best for itself - and for us!